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Welcome to one of the most progressive professional organizations in the United States. National Judgment Network is an organization dedicated exclusively to the business of judicial judgment recovery. Our membership is currently comprised of 6,312 registered judgment recovery professionals making the National Judgment Network the largest professional organization of its kind in the nation. Our members form a network of judgment recovery professionals dedicated to rendering mutual assistance and perfecting their judgment recovery practice. All members subscribe to the principles of the organization and pledge themselves to the highest ethical standards of business.

About Us

National Judgment Network, a subsidiary of National Cyber Services, is the largest and oldest professional organization of its kind in the United States. Our reputation for trust, innovation, privacy, and security is unparallel within the industry. National Judgment Network maintains an administrative office on the outskirts of Mobile, Alabama. All staff members are volunteers who actually operate their own judgment recovery businesses.

Because National Judgment Network serves over 5,700 registered members, we cannot communicate via telephone, but email sent to National Judgment Network is automatically routed to the appropriate staff member, and we pride ourselves on a prompt response. Please use our contact page for any questions, comments, or concerns.

National Judgment Network was established in 1998. Our initial purpose was to:

  • create a network in which judgment recovery professionals could share information for the benefit of all members;
  • develop a certification program and code of ethics for the judgment recovery industry;
  • increase the credibility of members by providing their customers with the ability to resolve disputes through a third party;
  • obtain discounted investigative services through the combined strength of our membership;
  • get access to attorney-verified legal forms and templates, including the last will and testament;
  • enable entrepreneurs desiring to enter the business of judicial judgment recovery with a method of learning the business from other well-established professionals;
  • develop and distribute proprietary software for use by members in perfecting their practice;
  • provide members with a means of effectively promoting their judgment recovery business on a nationwide basis; and
  • create professional standards within the industry.


If you are an entrepreneur interested in entering the field of judicial judgment recovery, click the Entrepreneurs link.

Judgment Recovery Professionals

If you are already a judgment recovery professional interested in learning more about the benefits of membership in the National Judgment Network, click the Professionals link. If you wish to view the current issue of our free newsletter or utilize our publicly available resources, click the Resources link.

Judgment Creditors

If you are an individual searching for a judgment recovery professional with the ability and expertise to enforce payment of your judicial judgment, click the Creditors link to locate a National Judgment Network member in your area.


If you are a current member of the National Judgment Network:

  • Registered members may log in to the “restricted” areas of the National Judgment Network website and last will forms. Because of the nature of the information available to judgment recovery professionals, access is restricted to members only. Username and password are required for access!
  • If you have difficulty logging in, please visit our browser configuration page to configure your Internet Browser properly.
  • If you have forgotten your username or password, please visit our lost password page to have them emailed to you.


National Judgment Network comprises judgment recovery professionals located throughout the United States who have agreed to assist one another in the enforcement of judicial judgments. We have compiled a comprehensive manual to educate new enforcement specialists in the field of judgment recovery. The NJN manual provides training on how to:

  • easily locate unsatisfied judicial judgments,
  • have the judgment legally transferred to you,
  • run a “skip trace” to locate the debtor,
  • conduct an “asset search” to uncover his assets,
  • and use the court system to enforce payment.

Is it legal? Absolutely! Isn’t it practicing law without a license? Absolutely not! Once the judgment has been legally assigned, making you the owner of the judgment, you can legally represent yourself in the process of enforcement. And, as an owner of the judgment, you have access to all legal remedies of the court at your disposal. Depending on your state, you may be able to garnish wages, attach bank accounts, place real estate liens, seize property, and more!

We Provide Free Last Will and Testament Templates

The last will and testament form sets out your preferences for how you would like your assets to be distributed after your death. It is one of the most important documents to create when planning your estate. Without it, disputes often arise between family members, and some assets may be turned over to the state if no heirs can be found.

You can also complement your last will with an informal document called a letter of instructions. This letter can go a long way in providing additional clarity to your beneficiaries and the executor of your will. While this letter is not a legal document, including certain elements can help make the estate probate process more manageable. For example, it would come in handy when your executor needs to know where to find specific documents or how to log into your important online accounts.

An example of how a last will can start

Last Will Forms by State

There can be a slight difference between the states when it comes to creating last will documents. For example, you will need to notarize your will in Louisiana, besides having two witnesses present during the signing process.

Additionally, some states are community property states, which means the estate can be considered jointly owned by both spouses by default, if not stated otherwise. All other states have equitable distribution, where distribution is fair but not always equal.

Creating a Will in Texas

If you want to create a Texas last will and testament, know that under the Texas statute, It must be signed by the testator along with two or more trustworthy witnesses who are at minimum 14 years old and who have signed the will in the presence of the testator. To add legal protection, the testator may have the document notarized even though it is optional. As long as the testator remains in good mental health, the last will can be modified or revoked at any time by them.

Creating a Will in Florida

When creating a last will and testament in Florida, keep in mind that Florida law requires that last will documents be witnessed and signed by two adult witnesses during execution and signing. The testator can have the document acknowledged by a notary public to provide some extra legal assurance. Wills in Florida are subject to amendment or cancellation at any given time.

Creating a Will in California

For a California will, the requirements are pretty much the same. Under sections 6100 – 6806 (Wills and Intestate Succession statutes), the last will and testament document in this state must be signed by two witnesses. The California probate code states that in California when someone dies without making a will, the property will automatically be given to a spouse/domestic partner and then any descendants. If there are no survivors, assets will be administered by the state.

Creating a Will in North Carolina

A North Carolina last will and testament must be signed by at least two witnesses, who must also acknowledge the signature of the testator. If the testator desires to add legal strength to their will, the document can be notarized. It is important to note that the testator can change or revoke their will as long as they are of sound mind.

Creating a Will in New York

A New York State will must be signed by two witnesses within thirty days of each other. They must also write their full address below their signatures and ensure the testator meets all legal requirements. Once the will has been created and executed, it should remain with someone who can easily access it, such as the testator’s attorney or a trusted relative.

Creating a Will in the Rest of the States

Check last will and testament forms for other states and read the guidelines to be familiar with all the relevant requirements in your state.

Last Will and Testament Guides for the Southern States
Last Will and Testament Guides for the Northern States
Last Will and Testament Guide for the Western States
Last Will and Testament Guides for the Central States

We Have You Covered

National Judgment Network’s judgment enforcement training manual will provide you with all the tools necessary to enter this lucrative field. You will learn about:

  • The recovery process
  • Types of judgments
  • Starting your business
  • The skip trace process
  • The court system
  • Asset discovery
  • Post-judgment interest
  • The enforcement process
  • Soliciting business
  • Pretexts
  • The initial contact
  • The consumer credit report
  • The assignment process
  • Online information sources
  • Filing the assignment
  • The judgment database
  • Locating the debtor
  • Sample cases

National Judgment Network’s Judicial Judgment Enforcement Manual is written in e-book format and comprises over 380 full-size pages containing all the information you need to get your new business off the ground and become successful! Click here to take a look at the first few pages. Then, to find out what makes the NJN training program different from all the other programs on the market.


Most training programs and last will templates available are “state specific.” They deal primarily with judgment recovery in the state in which the author resides. The NJN program was written for judgment recovery on a “national” basis!

The manual comprises over 380 full-size pages with legal information on every state and the District of Columbia. It is the most complete and thorough manual available anywhere!

The manual is written in e-book format to be quickly delivered over the Internet for immediate use! The manual can also be viewed online and even printed on your own printer if desired. We believe in providing our members with alternatives!

Continuing access to the latest version! Because the manual is in e-book form, it can constantly be revised and updated. You will always have access to the most recent version!

The program was compiled by real judgment recovery specialists, who actively participate in the business of judgment recovery daily!

The NJN training program is the least expensive program of its kind! It’s free with membership in National Judgment Network, and the cost of membership is less than the cost of any other judgment recovery training program available!

There’s more

Do you mean there’s more? The NJN training program is just the beginning! National Judgment Network members enjoy a multitude of benefits:

You will be an active and participating member of the network, with full access to the National Judgment Network website for life!

Your contact information will be publicized, allowing visitors to the NJN website to contact you directly for assistance in collecting their judgments. Your first contact is very likely to return far more than your cost for membership! A professional last will and testament would cost you far more as well.

The NJN Judgment Database is a proprietary online database that can be accessed from anywhere! It’s available as part of our complete Online Office system. The Online Office includes an accounting system, email center, task manager, public records search center, and much more. Click here to view the database “Help” file in PDF format. The NJN Online Office Center is free of charge, but an online data storage charge of $25 per year will be incurred if you choose to subscribe. It is completely optional and a decision you can make after becoming a member.

Listen to audio training seminars by experts in the field online!

You can even use our “online” document preparation engine to produce and print required documents while you are online!

Because National Judgment Network is neither an information provider nor a research service, you are provided with a multitude of links to the best and least expensive information sources on the Web! Many of the sources are free!

Enjoy free services such as Bank Routing Indicator lookups, reverse phone and address searches, etc., right on the NJN website.

On the NJN Assistance/Discussion Forum, you will be able to obtain the assistance of active judgment recovery professionals located throughout the country to help you become successful! But don’t take our word for it! Click the Testimonials button at the top of the page to read a few recent testimonials by members of the National Judgment Network.

You will have access to over fifty NJN tutorials written by experts in the field and covering all phases of judicial judgment recovery, such as Asset Discovery, Fraudulent Conversion, Garnishment, Child Support Enforcement, etc.

You will even be provided with your own free website to promote your new judgment recovery business. Click here to view a sample website and a will form in a new window.

You will have access to four NJN Email Service Centers and your own free email address, such as You@JudgmentPros.Net.

Download free software and state and federal court forms directly from the NJN website.

Links to information services, a legal dictionary, the ability to obtain a free fax line, a free office suite, and more.

A constantly updated Bulletin Board to keep you informed of the latest services and features.

Qualify to display the coveted “NJN Certification Seal” upon completion of an extensive examination. The examination is free to all NJN members. While not required, certification informs the world that you possess a superior knowledge of the judgment recovery business!

An online post-judgment interest calculator, graphics for your website, and much more!

And what does membership cost? Less than you think! The cost of a lifetime membership is just $129! There are no other fees or hidden costs. That’s a small price to pay for the benefits, promotion, and assistance available to National Judgment Network members. You can even enjoy immediate last will access by paying your membership fee online using a major credit card!

As you have learned, judicial judgment recovery can be a very lucrative business. You have also learned about the most comprehensive and least expensive training program available and caught a glimpse of the many benefits available to National Judgment Network members. Still, you may have a few questions. Most of them are covered on our FAQ page. Click Questions at the top of the page for answers to “Frequently Asked Questions.”

Great! How do I join? When you are ready to join us, click the Join Us button at the top of the page. We can accept payment of your membership fee directly, via PayPal, or by mail.